Date: 31 OCTOBER 2017
Event opening:           10:00
Event ending:             17:00
Venue:   Frankgasse 4, 1090 Vienna, Austria 
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Registration: Closed
Language:    English     

Presentations from Smart Urbana International Workshop "Smart Cities in Practice":

Ina Homeier, Head of Smart City Wien Unit Municipal Department 18-Urban Development and Planning Vienna Municipality
Presentation download: Vienna Municipality The Smart City Wien Framework Strategy and its implementation

Elena Petrova, CEO ASIDEES, Austria
Presentation download: ASIDEES Elena Petrova Smart Urbana CPSE Labs Experiment Smart Urbana Workshop Vienna 2017

João Correia Vargues, Head, Divisão de Desenvolvimento Económico e Promoção Turística, Municipality of Faro, Portugal
Presentation download:
Municipality of Faro Sharing regional data for sustainable development Joao Correia Vargues Smart Urbana Workshop Vienna 2017

Mr Tudor Drambarean, Alba Iulia Municipality, Romania
Presentation download:
Municipality of Alba Iulia Alba Iulia Smart City 2018 Pilot Project Tudor Drambarean Smart Urbana Workshop Vienna 2017

Thalia Valkouma, Dimitris Kintsakis Consultant of the Mayor, Municipality of Volvi, Greece
Presentation download:
Municipality of Volvi Smart City Strategy towards zero waste and zero emission Thalia Valkouma Dimitris Kintsakis Smart Urbana Workshop Vienna 2017 

Gints Reinsons, Head of the Operational Information Centre of Jelgava Municipality
Presentation download: Jelgava Municipality Overview of results and ongoing developments for Jelgava as Smart City Gints Reinsons Operational Information Centre of Jelgava Municipality

Bartosz Bartoszewicz, Deputy Mayor of City of Gdynia, City of Gdynia, Poland
Presentation download:
City of Gdynia Gdynia Happy City Bartosz Bartoszewicz Deputy Mayor of City of Gdynia Smart Urbana Workshop Vienna 2017

Ján Ferenčák, Mayor of City of Kežmarok, City of Kežmarok, Slovak Republic
Presentation download:  City of Kezmarok Smart green city Kežmarok the establishment of a unified economy Jan Ferencak, Mayor of City of Kezmarok Smart Urbana Workshop Vienna 2017 

Stepan Tsapiuk, Mayor of the city of OlexandriyaCity of Olexandriya, Ukraine
Presentation download:
Sustainable development strategy of the City of Olexandriya until 2030

Irina Arhipova, Professor, Latvia University of Agriculture, Jelgava
and Vladimirs Šalajevs, CBDO, SIA Ecommerce Accelerator, Rīga, Latvia
Presentation download: Digital Economy in metropolitan areas New approach to management

Dr. Bernard Gindroz, Chairman of ISO TC 268, Sustainable Cities
and Communities.
Presentation download: ISO Smart City standards in practice: Considering current and further cities’ needs and expectations in new standards formulation and implementation

Serguei Golovanov, CEO Golem IMS GmbH, Austria
Presentation download:  Smart City Monitor custom digital transformation services models urban communities sustainable management of air quality energy water waste circular economy resilience


Horison 2020 reference material for the workshop:

Horizon 2020 Work Programme for Research and Innovation 2018-2020, Societal Challenges 5 "Climate actions, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials" presentation by Christos Fragakis, Deputy Head of Unit, DG Research and Innovation made at H2020 Cities of the Future, 26-27 Oct 2017, Bruxelles, Belgium

Photos from the event: Facebook @ASIDEES

Key topics: 

- Presenting the results of Smart Urbana project experiments in 5 small and medium-size  cities of Greece, Moldova, Portugal, Romania and Spain in 2017 implementing 2 use cases (1) supporting of city governance accordingly to recommendations of international standard ISO 37120 and (2) Air quality monitoring for critical health issues

- Overview of achievements of Vienna municipality and leading small and medium municipalities in different European countries in digital transformation of big data about urban processes into custom information services and business models for urban communities 

- First-hand information about new international standards for Smart Cities and Communities developed by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and its practical applications

- First-hand information about the latest Smart City Monitor updates, new features and applications  

- Meeting platform for setting new consortiums and Smart City clusters for projects in 2018 financed by existing European Union instruments Horizon 2020, Interreg and Structural Funds

The detailed event program is here   

The program includes presentations by several medium and small size European municipalities having practical results in their Smart City projects, including the partners of Smart Urbana project and Nordic-Baltic solutions, and provide demonstrations of new developments of Smart City Monitor technology as cutting-edge artificial intelligence platform.

It is known that, in the best-case scenario, Smart City should be realised as an interconnected system of systems integrating many data sources, silos, isolated automated systems, sensors, IoT and actuators deployed all over the city and sharing data sources across municipalities’ departments and city agencies and making daily life more productive. However in the real-world such scenario is still very rare especially in small and medium-sized cities still having a little number of data sources including databases and sensors and variety of fragmented technologies and solutions operating in silos.

Join us to explore and discuss how some pioneering cities across the Europe address these complex issues by implementing their Smart City and IoT projects and data-driven decision-making in daily work of their municipalities and utility providers improving the lives of citizens and creating smart sustainable ecosystems. We look for practical solutions and answers to existing problems!

Why could the workshop be interesting for you:

1. It presents the latest ongoing activities and practical achievements in several cities from different European countries sharing experiences and lessons to learn from municipalities and service providers.

2. Smart Urbana project municipalities from 4 countries will demonstrate novel their use cases supported by Smart City Monitor instances running in their cites.

3. Participants will receive an overview of latest international standards “Sustainable development of communities” supporting Smart Governance and Management by its developers from International Organization for Standardization - ISO Technical Committee 268.

4. Novel applications of Smart City Monitor will demonstrate its use for integrated holistic management of metropolitan areas and transparency of governance for citizens accordingly to the ISO standards as well as the rich set of options eliminating non-productive manual data processing tasks in municipalities.

5. Participants will discuss new Horizon 2020, Interreg, Structural funds and other innovative projects for 2018 meet in person, get ready to collaborate and share ideas for setting new project consortiums.

During this second Vienna workshop “Smart Cities in Practice” the organizers aim at making the event practical and valuable for participants facilitating sharing of expertise and knowledge that foster effective distribution of relevant innovations with minimum risks and costs. 

Who should attend 

1.    Senior municipality management and key employees working in Smart City and relevant innovative projects and urban developments.

2.    Management and key specialists by utility providers looking into novel cost-effective digital transformation solutions in energy, waste, water, safety and security, environment, circular economy, education.

3.    Consultants and integrators implementing various Smart City and IoT projects in cities 

The workshop provides great opportunity to meet practitioners from the municipalities, utility providers, and experts; learn, exchange experiences and establish new business contacts for new projects 2018. 

The top-level management of city councils who want to participate in the workshop is welcome to provide a brief introduction into their cities developments plans and share the views on how to address the common problems.  

Registration for participation is open on the “First Come, First In” basis until the full capacity of the planned workshop is reached of 100 participants. The accepted registrations will be confirmed.

If your organisation has Smart City achievements relevant to the workshop topics and is interested to contribute to the workshop by sharing practical use cases and lessons learned, feel free to send us a brief yet detailed abstract for evaluation (max 200 words). 

The workshop updates will be published on this page along with notifications be emailed to those who expressed interest in the participation.

Agenda for the Workshop: Smart Cities in Practice