The Vision: Applying digital transformation solutions to foster novel information services for the Smart Sustainable management and control of Change, Quality of Life, Monitoring of achievements in real time, learning by doing, collaboration and knowledge sharing experimenting with new business models.

The Mission: We believe that sustainable green development of societies depends on people who are empowered with knowledge, aspiration, human values and capacity to realize their incentives in quickly changing the living environment to the better one.

The vision and mission are realized by the continuous developments, projects, calls and collaborations.

wellbased h2020 project aims at energy poverty and its connection to health










mobile application Smart Pedestrian Assistant (SPA) was designed, developed and published on Google Play as Android application










ASIDEES - The Association for Sustainable Innovative Development in Economics, Environment and Society is a non-profit association in Austrian law. Its main purpose is to advise and support sustainability in social, economic, environmental and life issues with specific focus on applying AI-driven digital transformation solutions enabling effective smart governance and management in practice.

In particular, ASIDEES carries out evaluations of Smart City projects with compliance to international standards of quality of life such as ISO 37xxx, implementation of monitoring and benchmarking and evidence-based simulations for urban communities, takes care of the development of open computing models and data for urban communities and their circular economy to support holistic vision of ongoing processes in real time, and develops custom information services for every community project.

ASIDEES has the vision to contribute to the Smart Urban Future with concrete and cost-effective open solutions by providing comprehensive support in the forms of project planning, implementations, publications, training and coaching in new skills for new millennium jobs and the participation in national and international projects with practical outcomes.

ASIDEES counts several experts from different scientific backgrounds among its team members: system sciences, economists, environmentalists, urban planning, legal experts and IT-specialists. As digital transformation policies have to be taken into account in a global sense, the ASIDEES runs an international network of experts consisting of qualified professionals key relevant areas enabling work on international projects in a very a high quality innovative yet practical approach.

The network members contribute to discussions around the sustainable developments supported by actual knowledge of ongoing processes and predicted outcomes as well as the implementation of concrete projects. They provide individual expertise and ideas for future activities so that ASIDEES benefits from the network support in the ASIDEES business activities on a contractual basis and thus form an extraordinary source of expertise for ASIDEES and our customers.The ASIDEES-network members have longstanding experiences and delivered scientific expertise on domestic and international levels. Together we develop scientific reports, recommendations, plans of step-by-step developments with special focus on measured and AI-driven sustainability, set cloud and on-site ICT solutions assisting city administrations, utility providers, local businesses, citizens and visitors in the smart management of their activities in real time by rich variety of novel urban information services and controls. This allows us to provide comprehensive support to our clients in the implementation of novel  dynamic Smart Urban Communities and Circular Economy and Nexus projects opening new perspectives to the controllable sustainability of life, new skills and jobs and business models in the digital economy.