Project title:
Smart Urbana — Enabling municipalities with Cyber-Physical System (CPS) instruments and business models for digital transformation of real-time data about urban processes into digital services for the urban communities. 

ASIDEES, Austria - Project coordinator

and five European cities:

Municipality of Faro, Portugal
Alba Iulia Municipality, Romania
City Hall Nasporeni, Moldova
Municipality of Volvi, Greece
Ajuntament de Calviá, Spain


Project duration:
1.01.2017 - 31.10.2017 

Project summary:
Urban areas present real-world examples of complex Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) having diverse electronic systems to control energy, water, waste, traffic, lights, buildings, shutters, appliances, electric mobility, energy, fire, safety and other sub-systems including citizen mobiles. With the growth of population, amount of waste, impact on the environment, use of energy, water and other local resources the urban life becomes more dynamic, complex, dependent on integrated sustainability and performance of such CPS. The citizens, tourists and local businesses look for new digital services providing real-time content, quick responses, analytics, holistic vision of processes and quality of life.

The core project concept is to experiment in creating a novel digital urban environment for local communities enabling transparency of local life, a diverse rich set of information services improving quality of life and providing simple holistic and integrated vision of urban processes in real time. The urban model according to international standard ISO 37120 is used as an initial template for the development of a detailed CPS model of each city taking part in the experiment to enable a digital transformation of big data streams into diverse exploitation services for the city stakeholders.

Addressing research and innovation priorities established by the European Commission in both smart cities and circular economy concepts, the value chain completion experiment provides high level mature, open, adaptive, reliable, certifiable prototype ICT platform for generating community specific customizable information and novel rich services. It supports local business models and fosters digital economy while conforming to existing best practices and international standards and opening novel experimentation and improvement options. The platform will integrate the novel high-level architecture IoT platform Smart City Monitor (PharosN platform developed by Austrian company Golem IMS GmbH) and middle-ware SOFIA2 combining both powerful functionalities into one cutting-edge advanced key enabling urban technology of digital transformation.

During the project, ASIDEES experiments with this principally new solution transforming big data streams from diverse urban processes into customized information services for citizens and other urban stakeholders. It runs custom urban CPS model of specific city linked with multiple open data sources and heterogeneous systems including mobiles, sensors, IoT, SCADA and different city automated systems, databases and spreadsheets provided by different organizations and municipality departments. The rich set of civic services fosters transparency or quality of life and its compliance with international standards including ISO 37120. The innovative objectives are achieved by enabling municipalities with effective information instruments for quick customizing of their digital services for effective sustainable administration, local citizens enabling an effective path to the digital economy. The solution prototypes are deployed in use case municipalities for experimenting with the civic services implementation, customization, use and evaluation by the urban communities.

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“This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 644400”.