About Us

ASIDEES - The Association for Sustainable Innovative Development in Economics, Environment and Society is a non-profit association in Austrian law. Its main purpose is to advise and support sustainability in social, economic, environmental and life issues with specific focus on applying AI-driven digital twin technologies as solutions enabling effective smart governance and management in practice.

In particular, ASIDEES assists Smart City projects to enable the compliance with major international standards of quality of management, governance and quality of life such as ISO series 37xxx. We support implementation of Smart City Monitor IoT technology platform for monitoring and benchmarking and continuing auditing of compliance with major standards and regualtions for urban communities. We support the development of open computing urban models and data for urban communities and their circular economy to let holistic vision of ongoing processes in real time, and develop custom information services for every community project.

ASIDEES has the vision to contribute to the Smart Urban Future with concrete and cost-effective open solutions by providing comprehensive support in the forms of project planning, implementations, publications, training and coaching in new skills for new millennium jobs and the participation in national and international projects with practical outcomes.

ASIDEES counts several experts from different scientific backgrounds among its team members: system sciences, economists, environmentalists, urban planning, legal experts and IT-specialists. As digital transformation policies have to be taken into account in a global sense, the ASIDEES runs an international network of experts consisting of qualified professionals key relevant areas enabling work on international projects in a very a high quality innovative yet practical approach.

Our team