Horizon Europe and other grants

ASIDEES is offers support of R&D&I consortiums with its multidisciplinary studies, expertise, application of novel Digital Twin technologies driven by AI, Big Data and IoT.

We support RDI in several application areas providing analysis, modelling, application prototyping and piloting with the focus on the practicality of results that enable and empower the stakeholders with innovation and capacity for sustainable management of complexity and accelerating change. Our RDI includes all stages required for the in-depth elaboration of results of studies into advanced AI- and Big Data-driven digital transformation prototype solutions linking physical and virtual worlds.

Having strong experience in preparing the project proposals and its implementing, we contribute to th projects with the description of relevant proposal sections, WPs and Tasks which we can  lead and implement. Our contacts with many reliable partners in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America including SMEs, NGOs, municipalities and corporations allow quick finding of necessary partners to support effective implementation of specific WP tasks.

In the pilot prototyping we apply the latest digital platform Pharos Navigator for sustainable management and governance with applications based on Smart City Monitor, providing advanced urban modelling instruments and connectivity to diverse open data sources, Internet of Things, sensors, various automated systems and excellent ability to enable AI-driven digital transformation of big data streams into various novel data driven information services and controls. 

At the enterprise level we apply Smart Enterprise Monitor platform and customisation tools for cyber-physical system models. 

The new digital technology allows us to address diverse challenging and complex issues existing in our societies, economics and environment and empower managers and citizens with radically means to cope with these complex processes.