ASIDEES offers urban development organizations, municipalities and consultants the collaboration in implementation of innovative yet practical Smart City and Smart Governance projects by introducing advanced smart information instruments, prototype applications and digital transformation technologies, learning and training. We contribute to projects and consortiums with novel information platforms Smart City Monitor and Smart Enterprise Monitor, provide advanced urban modeling development and support linking to various data sources, Internet of Things, sensors and excellent ability to enable digital transformation into various novel data driven information services. 

In addition to direct collaboration in the project financed by the private and public customers, we offer our contribution to consortiums by providing relevant novel work packages and supporting project proposal preparation for EU and other international financial instruments as follows: 

  • Horizon 2020 work programmes in ICT, SCC, SC5, BB, MG, FCH, FOF, IoT, EE, LEIT, SPACE, ENSUF
  • CO-CREATION (integrated management and governance, data, measurement and benchmarking), Smart, Green and integrated transport, Smart Agriculture
  • Aging Population and Health (human modeling, measurement, analytics, self-managament, artificail intelligence and predictive analytics).
  • Structural funds by ESIF and projects financed by EBRD and EIB

The other international RDI funding options are feasible as well.

The contribution offered by ASIDEES to the partnership proposal can include as follows:

  1. Enabling AI-driven real time digital transformation in urban areas by developing specific applcaition city models as complex cyber-physical systems and linking to real world data sources and running as transformation engines in cloud or at premises.
  2. Knowledge and performance management, advanced analytics in sustainability control, urban benchmarking based on real time data driven interactive information and services
  3. Relevant educational and eLearning instruments for digital transformation, advanced analytics in performance management and sustainability control, urban benchmarking
  4. Simulation of response options in policy and decision making based on urban models and evidence bid data
  5. Practical implementation of quality monitoring and benchmarking accordingly to international quality standards in real time, audit of compliance to standards, relevant certification
  6. Training, coaching, workshops, knowledge management technology transfer

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