Horizon 2020 projects by European Union

ASIDEES actively participates in the consortiums preparing the proposals for the calls which are within the scope of our activities and expertise.  


project aims to design, implement and evaluate a comprehensive urban programme to reduce energy poverty and its effects on the citizens' health and wellbeing, built on evidence-based approaches in different European pilot cities, representing different urban realities and a diverse range of welfare and healthcare models. 


Smart Pedestrian Nets

Smart Pedestrian Nets by JPI Urban Europe, ERA-NET Cofund Smart Urban Futures Call under implementation during 2017-2019.


Smart Urbana

Smart Urbana "Enabling 5 European municipalities with cyber-physical system instruments and business models for digital transformation of real time data about urban processes into digital services for the community". The H2020 project experiment details are available at the relevant pages Smart Urbana, Workshop and presentation of final project results


Consulting and certification projects 








ASIDEES advises and supports sustainability in social, economic, environmental and life issues with specific focus on applying AI-driven digital transformation solutions enabling effective smart governance and management in practice.

In particular, ASIDEES

  • Carries out evaluations of Smart City projects for compliance with international standards of quality of life such as ISO 37xxx
  • Plans and implements relevant practical solutions for monitoring and benchmarking and evidence-based simulations for urban communities based on Smart City Monitor platform
  • Prepares open urban CPS model by ISO 37120 “Sustainable development of communities — Indicators for city services and quality of life” to run in the municipality and/or utility provider premises
  • Provides training and coaching and support of the municipality employees and city service providers in setting access to open data required for certification by ISO 37120 and running urban CPS model
  • Trains effective stakeholders in the effective use of novel digital transformation instruments in routine operational management and dealing with a large number of concurrent urban processes
  • Takes care of the development of open computing models for urban communities and their circular economy projects to support a holistic vision of ongoing processes in real time
  • Supports implementation of novel custom information services and controls for community projects.


The activities enable new holistic information services and controls for community stakeholders in compliance to international quality standards, awareness and training workshops, digital transformation and digital economy projects realizing Industry 4.0 trends for Smart Urban Communities, Smart Local and Regional Governance, Urban Development, Circular Economy, Management of utilities services such as water, waste, education, well-being, tourism, biodiversity, environment and energy.