The main areas of our activity include consulting, planning and contributing to implementation of Smart City Projects in middle and small cities, that include novel digital transformation platform Smart City Monitor supporting development of concrete practical large models of urban areas as complex cyber-physical systems and enabling compliances to international quality standards and running relevant awareness and training workshops. 

ASIDEES team provides practical and cost effective digital transformation solutions that enable smart sustainability management in Smart Urban Communities, Smart Local and Regional Governance, Circular Economy, Urban Development, Business Management in Small and Medium Enterprises, Biodiversity, Environment and Energy. 

We provide educational knowledge and management platform and interactive instruments for consulting partners enabling them to make custom urban and governance models for their cities, regions, islands, ports and enterprises looking for novel Factory of Future / Industry 4.0 experiments and quick prototyping. The optional topics of patrnership are presented in the page Calls.

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The activities aimed at support of public services, quality of life and environment in urban and regional developments and key social groups of population with practical innovative digital solutions. The projects are implemented in collaboration with local consultants and specialists, municipality management and communities.

The objectives

Implementing focused and customized applications facilitating community stakeholders in the following:

  • Unified procedures of routine service quality monitoring, budget spending, benchmarking and analysis
  • Operational simplicity, business targets setting, analyzing achievements based on evidence
  • Making business results traceable, easy to analyze and benchmark
  • Innovative culture of effective and transparent organizational management at each level
  • Learning by doing, collaborating, planning, improving and upgrading promoting exchange of best practices, unified benchmarking procedures, transfer of knowledge in easy and engaging way to excel regular operational processes
  • Involving wide participation of public and private organizations in implementation of innovative IT and underlying advanced methodologies for best local governance
  • Prototyping and supporting diversity of applications in countries with financial support and partnership by national and international financial sponsors.
  • Effectively supporting implementation of international and national standards including ISO 37120, ISO37101, ISO 37150, ISO 37151, ISO 37152, ISO 18091, ISO 50001


The significance of the issues addressed by collaborative projects

  • Accelerated change caused by globalization, industries and technological developments, economic instabilities, climate and limits of natural resources introduce long-term challenges for administrations, regulators, investment institutions, industrialists and population
  • Improved capacity to keep the processes under control while reaching the economic, environmental and social targets within available resources and existing constraints become key issues for ensuring sustainable national growth


Expected collaborative project results in brief

  • Availability of localized, customized digital information services by municipalities in different geo-locations,
  • Comprehensive yet highly practical applications adapted for good governance in public institutions and learning
  • Enabling administrations, specialists and citizens with on-line instruments for monitoring and analyzing quality of life in compliance to ISO 37120, other national and international standards by implementing automatic measuring, digital transformation and access to information services and analytics in real time
  • Improved capacity of national administrations, industries and international agencies to benchmark and access fully high quality evidence information for sustainable economic and social developments
  • Certification of services and applications