Workshop in Volvi

During the 'Smart Urbana' workshop in the Municipality of Volvi (ΔΗΜΟΣ ΒΟΛΒΗΣ) the Mayor Mr Diamantis I. Liamas welcomed participants. 

Dear friends,
Dear guests,

Information and communication technologies have invaded all aspects of our society, continuously providing better and greater opportunities and services.

But technologies are of no value if they are not used to the benefit of the citizen.

That is why local authorities have to use new technologies to improve people's lives.

But we do not have the sole purpose of becoming a more modern municipality. It is our strategic choice to:
•    take advantage of the unique historical, cultural and environmental capital of our region.
•    Provide digital services to residents.
•    Facilitate visitors and tourists to stay.

Based on these principles, the municipality of Volvi has developed a variety of actions, based on EU funding, in international and domestic co-operation. We work with municipalities that want to put information and communications technologies at the service of their citizens.

We work with stakeholders, researchers and organizations  across borders who have the necessary know-how to realize our intentions, such as the Association for Sustainable Innovative Development in the Economy, Environment and Society (ASIDEES).

But also within the borders with the Institute of Informatics and Telematics of the National Center for Research and Technological Development, with which we have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation.

The SMART URBANA program provides the opportunity to create innovative eGovernment systems to inform and serve citizens by providing effective digital services.
The applications of so-called "smart cities" are not only applicable in large urban centres, but also in smaller municipalities of the region such as the municipality of Volvi.
In the context of this program, we have laid the foundations for modern applications on issues of concern to citizens, such as controlling energy and water consumption, waste management, traffic and road lighting, dealing with emergencies and improving tourist services.

I welcome you once again to today's Workshop, hoping to put even more in the joint effort to achieve e-government, more effective and more lucrative for the citizen.