Smart Pedestrian Assistant (SPA) mobile application

Smart Pedestrian Assistant (SPA) application was designed with the idea to encourage people to walk more. SPA offers to consider the movement in the city not as navigation task from point A to point B, but as a walk that can go through parks, playgrounds, cultural places, restaurants, and many other city places including benches, etc. Walking is an essential dimension of smart, sustainable and inclusive cities and SPA aims to make it easy and fun.

SPA assists you in finding a walkable route among other optional ones based on your preferences, current interests, walking necessity and purpose of the walk such as going with kids, elderly, dogs, friends, someone on a wheelchair, etc. It can assist you while visiting various cities as a tourist having specific time-frame of stay.  

This unique application was developed during Smart Pedestrian Net project with the focus on improving walkability and providing a model to help European cities to be people-oriented and encourage citizens to walk more. The SPN project was supported by JPI Urban Europe and national agencies from Austria (FFG), Cyprus (RPF), Italy (MIUR) and Portugal (FCT).

SPA was developed by ASIDEES (non-profit). The first version of the application provides many useful novel features; however, we plan to add more and will be grateful for your feedback and ideas for its improvement.