ISO 37120 Certification

ISO 37120 Certification

There is growing importance of standardisation in daily life of cities and communities and increasing trends to its implementation worldwide. Significant efforts are being made to formulate and introduce the ISO 37xxx series of standards for sustainable development of communities.

The standard ISO 37120:2014 “Sustainable development of communities — Indicators for city services and quality of life” became the first successful result of the joint efforts of experts from different knowledge areas and countries that set the ISO/TC 268 to create integrated view for the city performance and its analysis. This standard provides uniform definitions of what is measured and how introducing common basis for reporting, comparison and benchmarking. Related standards ISO 37122 and ISO 37123 and others in the ISO 37xxx series further expand the scope of guidelines and methodologies and set of indicators to steer and measure the performance of city services and quality of life and smart sustainable governance.

However many innovative municipalities that realised the need to undertake practical steps in the standard implementation came across a number of issues that make the introduction of the standards into the daily administration practices too complex, bringing additional overhead and making the pathways to sustainable development long and costly.

New approach to standard introduction

ASIDEES developed new approach and procedures fostering pathway to practical introduction of ISO 37120 standard in the daily life of municipalities. It is quick, cost effective, minimises overhead and brings in effective knowledge and experience with long term impact for smart sustainable local governance.

The approach was proved in the last European project Smart Urbana (2017) in 5 European cities. It offered now as innovation, non-profit cost-covering service for cities and communities and their representative organisations such as municipalities, operational information centers, utility providers and various educational institutions.

The ISO 37120 certification package offer by ASIDEES:

  1. Training of the relevant municipality employees
  2. Implementation of Smart City Monitor engine for the city
  3. Support in implementation of the city open data in simple spreadsheet files and its updating (monthly or quarterly)
  4. Enabling all ISO 37120 indicators of quality of life to present smart city performance dashboard online in real time (data access is managed by the municipality itself) 
  5. Optional linking of the ISO 37120 dashboard to the municipality web site
  6. Official certificate of compliance with ISO 37120 based on implementation results.


The certification service package details 

  • Providing the municipality with a full set of materials guiding employees in the certification process
  • Training of municipality staff the certification procedures (webinar or local options)
  • Setting Smart City Monitor (SCM) engine for the city in a cloud 
  • Implementation of the Open Urban Model by ISO 37120 for the city to run on SCM engine
  • Providing sample data sets required by ISO 37120 for quick learning and reliable implementation of local data (60 data sets in MS Excel spreadsheets)
  • Assisting municipality employees in learning how to prepare data and link it to the city SCM engine and set operational goals for critical urban processes and verify the results  
  • Supporting employees in adding and customising the KPIs including those required by local policies and setting their goals accordingly to urban plans
  • Setting the SCM dashboards and interactive analytic reports accordingly to the municipality policies of data access)
  • Supporting the city SCM cloud engine running the dashboards and interactive reports online for the duration of the service providing
  • Quality assessment of the implementation results and data
  • Assistance in effective PR aimed at presenting successful implementation for public information
  • Certification of municipality management and employees and issuing relevant certificates 
  • Duration of implementation: Setting up 3-6 months then annual continuous support, annual confirmation of conformity


Unique benefits for administrations and citizens of cities:
Now forward-looking city councils and municipalities can obtain unique novel cutting-edge opportunity for certification of their cities in compliance with ISO 37120 and its continuous applicability as online services for their administrations, communities and internationally. The online certification solution is open to the accommodation of newly developed standards such as ISO 37122, ISO 37123 and others as well as local indicators for smart governance and management.

The offer supports any city and community worldwide including small and middle size cities that are interested in transparency of governance and politically neutral evidence of achievements by local governance. It lets cost effective easy steps toward realisation of Smart City concepts in practice and learning of digital transformation applications.

The main difference and benefits for the communities are as follows:
The ISO 37120 certification for a city results not only in the official papers fixing single time assessment in the past but with online public dashboards presenting actual city performance in real time. The data are provided and updated by relevant trained municipality departments accordingly to the international standard requirements and digitally transformed into public information services with latest European information technology solution Smart City Monitor.

The city certification results include: 

  • Successful holistic smart governance continuously improving Quality of Life in the city 
  • Transparency and publicity of achievements by local city administration and service providers, its clear demonstration in real time and online 
  • Non-subjective evidence that is independent of political views and biases 
  • Setting local objectives and planning based on evidence 
  • Easy adding of new indicators and data 
  • Statistical information and useful analytics are available at any time across the whole city
  • Basic international standard structure of performance and quality supporting for urban planning 
  • Optional in-depth extensions for any focus area such as water and waste and energy and transportation 
  • Ability to gradually add many optional data sources such as sensors, IoT, SCADA, automated systems, social networks, etc)
  • Options for adding novel views to city life and assessment dashboards for quality and resilience  
  • Continuous access to ongoing results, analysis of trends and holistic sustainability in real time 
  • Easy upgrading of dashboards to include new information and services 
  • Clarity date for investment attractiveness.

Strong evidence in public debates and image making in public relations

Transparency and public evidence of actual information about governance in real time provide effective strong arguments in the public discussions that take place in every new election and in a review of ongoing city developments and relevant publications and social networks and TV reviews. The city evidence data presented accordingly to latest international standards of sustainable community management provide the politically neutral basis for any discussion and public relation events. Supported by easy analytics for its comparison with the past and results by the other communities and available at any time and in any place on any mobile device, the actual results become compelling arguments to prove the real achievements and improvements of quality of life. 

Based on unique novel technology Smart City Monitor, successful implementation experience in Europe and direct involvement in the new standards developments and special promotional conditions of access to this new technology, ASIDEES team will support, train, consult, guide and provide your municipality and relevant local partners with the latest cutting-edge European solution, annual support services and the Certificate of Compliance. 

The technical components of the certification procedure
Smart City Monitor engine runs the urban model defined in strict accordance with ISO 37120. The engine is linked with municipality data sources in spreadsheets stored at shared locations such as local municipality database server or Google docs or Dropbox. 

The urban model presents the city as big and complex cyber-physical system of systems. It is open for adding new city infrastructure components, KPIs, linking to multiple data sources including databases, smart sensors, IoT, automated systems, vehicles, drones, etc.

The city SCM engine can link to the existing city website (e.g. “scm.citydomain” or “performance.citydomain”, etc) presenting real-time performance dashboards for city stakeholders. The access to information and analytics can be set accordingly to local municipality policies and national legislation. 

Costs at the promotional stage
The initial certification package costs are 4 500 Euro per year including official annual certification renewals. It includes the costs of SCM running for the whole year and its upgrading and support.
The inclusion of the national certification bodies is optional and can be realised upon the request of the city administration. The relevant additional cost is applied.

The package costs can be revised taking into consideration the various city sizes and budgets in different countries.

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