Invitation to business cooperation

Invitation to business cooperation

Join us in exploring new business opportunities

ASIDEES provides novel training and consulting services supporting practical implementation of ISO 37120 and other relevant standards in ISO 37xxx series with special focus at digital transformation trends and use of real time tools to assist municipalities in compliance with these important standards.

We invite national partners who provide consulting, accreditation, certification, auditing and training services to communities and utility providers, and share this increasingly important vision, to collaborate in exploring new business opportunities in partnership.

We offer training and certification to organisations and natural persons aimed at fostering business capacity of our partners to support the municipalities in applying new digital transformation technology for certification and its continuous auditing conformity.

In the major shift from the common practices of the audit certification which result in the formal paper “Statement of Conformity” certifying only the management system itself, the main aim of ASIDEES services is to enable our consulting and auditing partners to provide their customers with new vital knowledge and assistance services, cost-effective tools and procedures realizing the practical conformity with the Standards based on the new digital transformation technology instruments that can effectively support Smart Sustainable and Transparent Management and Governance for communities.

The ASIDEES empower our partners to consult and assist their customers in the practical implementation of the Digital Twins and Smart City Monitor technology and to make the ISO 37120 standard working tool that can support daily municipality management and operational processes and make the city performance monitoring transparent for the stakeholders.

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Assisting cities in ISO 37120 certification and implementation of digital transformation tools for smart sustainable and transparent management

Statement of Content and Principles of Training and Certification Services